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…to KLVNSMTH.com. You have now entered the multifaceted musical sphere of Kelvin Smith, an audible artist with several monikers (each serving a craft) who is currently based in Trenton, New Jersey USA. On this website, you will have the fine points of access to information allowing you, the user, to understand the progression of Kelvin’s composed experience with audio.


The Spring of 1998 began a 14 year journey of Kelvin exploring an artistic side that would allow him to verbally express his inner thoughts of society through his personal experiences, along with delving into original word play, just like his favorite rappers.


In 2007, when Klvn moved to London, he purchased his first vinyl at a flea market on Brick Lane. From that point, he began to gain an appreciation of vinyl records. Over the years, he would collect records from flea markets and record shops (physical and online), without actually listening to them because he didn’t have a turntable. This all ended when he purchased one for himself in December of 2011 when he moved back to the US; this analog sound changed his life.

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